Blanket contributed by Bennett A Wight, Jr., M.D. to Blanket Stories: Transportation Object, Generous Ones, Trek

Blanket contributed by Bennett A Wight, Jr., M.D.

Bennett A Wight, Jr., M.D.
Salem, OR
Mothers, Moving west

The Mystery Blanket—In 1980, my mother packed boxes for us to move from our West Texas hometown to Oregon. We do not recall ever having seen the blanket but it has a cleaners tag with my father’s name on it. Our guess is its original home was as a car blanket on a West Texas ranch. Mother was a collector, a saver, whereas her sister who lived on the 06 ranch was the opposite. Mother built a large storage area which could later be turned into an apartment if needed. It was here she kept her vast collection of castaways. The blanket with its faded label is probably pre-WWII. Knowing its time line, it has probably been packed in a box for about 74 years.