Blanket contributed by Annie Rettew to Blanket Stories: Transportation Object, Generous Ones, Trek

Blanket contributed by Annie Rettew

Annie Rettew
Animal stories, College, Daughters, Homemade, Mothers

My blanket does not tie me to the west, but my daughter Katie does. I guess since she is working on this project—that ties the blanket to the west!

My blanket was made for me by my mother, Elsa, when I went off to college. Mom loved to knit and do needlework but Rheumatoid Arthritis took that joy away from her.

The blanket/afghan was knit in many bright colors. It was knit in strips with a change in color, pattern, design every eight inches or so. When the strips were sewn together, it looked like a patchwork—totally random patchwork—quilt. She called it a gypsy blanket. It must have been a pattern she found at the local knitting shop.

When the blanket got old and pilled, I gave it to my cat, Jamaica, who snuggles in it, in a wicker basket every night.