Blanket contributed by Greg Kucera &Larry Yocom to Blanket Stories: Transportation Object, Generous Ones, Trek

Blanket contributed by Greg Kucera &Larry Yocom

Greg Kucera & Larry Yocom
Seattle, WA
Homemade, Marriage, Mothers, Moving west, Selected stories

This is the only blanket my mom ever made. She quilted it as a young woman and kept it with her as she moved from Texas to Washington State. I slept under it as a child. Once, trying to be helpful, I washed it in our washing machine and dryer. The rough washing and drying in the machine damaged the quilt’s material quite badly. My sister Denise repaired it but it’s now fragile enough that we’d like to preserve it.

Last year, my mom gave this quilt to Larry and me on the day we got married as our wedding gift from my family.


My making it part of this permanent sculpture we hope to preserve it in all of the precious meanings on that word.