Blanket contributed by Lt. Col. Carolyn Newhouse to Blanket Stories: Transportation Object, Generous Ones, Trek

Blanket contributed by Lt. Col. Carolyn Newhouse

Lt. Col. Carolyn Newhouse
Tacoma, WA
Homemade, In honor of, Military & veteran, Mothers, Selected stories

I am donating this quilt to the project in honor of all the US military personnel that have been wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq. I am an AF Reserve Flight Nurse and was injured in 2002. I was fortunate to heal and honored to deploy several more times to care for wounded soldiers. The women from Alabama who quilted this patriotic quilt sent it to my deployed location in 2012, I cherish their gift for quilting, patriotism, and support of the US military personnel. I kept this quilt on my bed for my entire deployment; it reminded me of home and my Mom, Betty Ann, who was an amazing quilter in her own right and I think of her each time I see a quilt. Thank you for adding this to your everlasting project in honor of the US military personnel, the women that quilted this, and my mom!