Blanket contributed by Cathy Tashiro to Blanket Stories: Transportation Object, Generous Ones, Trek

Blanket contributed by Cathy Tashiro

Cathy Tashiro
Animal stories

I got this blanket when I was living in Tucson in the late ‘70s. I don’t remember where, perhaps across the border in Nogales. Its function was to cover a rather undistinguished couch I got for free from a friend. I had a white German shepherd who liked to be on the couch. Named Moondog for his shimmering white appearance, he shared his name with the poet and avant garde musician Moondog, who I often saw presiding in all his majesty in full Viking regalia at his established corner in New York City when I lived there in the 1960s. Naming my dog after him connected me to my past. Both have since left us, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are still a few of Moondog’s hairs on this blanket.